Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

Healthcare Language Interpretation Services

SpectraCorp’s VRI single-point-of-contact advisor services offers a network of cost effective, highly qualified and trained video medical interpreters to healthcare facilities through our HIPAA compliant VRI partners.

bridging the gap between over-the-phone (OPI) and onsite interpreting with vri

SpectraCorp’s network of HIPAA compliant Video Remote Interpreting services acts as a bridge between OPI and ONSITE interpreting, allowing our clients to connect to certified video medical intepreters in a matter of seconds.

VRI combines the benefits of face-to-face medical interpretation with the on-demand nature of Over-the-Phone Interpretation (OPI). VRI is an effective solution for language barriers, because it is instant, mobile, and cost effective. VRI allows healthcare professionals to form more personal relationships and visual communications with deaf and hearing patients.

Our healthcare interpreter network is available around the clock, and are medically qualified. Our VRI service can bring providers and patients together in 40+ languages. VRI services can also include American Sign Language (ASL) and Spanish healthcare interpretation assistance.

Since 2000, SpectraCorp has helped hundreds of hospitals and clinics nationwide secure better VRI medical language interpretation rates, as well as reliable qualified interpreters and guaranteed low connection time.

We also recognize the importance of both interpretation and technology quality. Our network of VRI interpreters are highly qualified, experienced video interpreters and extensively trained in medical terminology.

How do we do it? SpectraCorp has partnered with the top HIPAA compliant VRI professional interpretation service companies to provide better rates and quick deployment using a simple process that includes reviewing your language mix, network capabilities, and more.

Simple Process
Better Rates
Quick Deployment

VRI Services include:

  • Service available 24/7/365
  • More than 40 languages
  • Fast connect times
  • Accessible thru tablets, smartphones and desktops (IOS/PC)
  • Easy Deployment
  • Single point of contact number
  • Free instruction materials for all departments and employees
  • Free language cards with 20+ of the top languages in the US, informing patients of their right to an interpreter and allowing them to point to their native language
  • Free language identification posters
  • Monthly usage reports

We focus on securing qualified and cost efficient VRI medical interpreting services. Our network of interpreters is tested to ensure language competence, are medically certified or qualified and receive ongoing education on medical interpreting.


Available 24/7/365


On Demand 40+ Languages


On Average Less Than 30 Second Hold Times


Single Point of Contact

SpectraCorp offers both separate and combined OPI and VRI medical interpretation services to best suit your needs. The audio service can be integrated into the
VRI application which can be accessed on any iOS/Android device, web browser or telephone.

For more information about VRI medical language interpretation services, contact SpectraCorp.

Our simple process includes:



Analyzing your existing network capabilities, language mix, and rates


Working with healthcare facility leadership, and develop the right mix of our services to match the communities you serve


Implement the program


Provide in-depth monthly reports that document language access services to help substantiate compliance

Healthier Patients
Secure Connections
Measurable Savings

dedicated hands-on customer service

SpectraCorp also offers superior hands-on dedicated customer service, serving as your single point of contact reducing red tape and service deployment time.

“We appreciate the service you provide and have been very happy with it!”
Crystal Scott MHA, BSN, RN NEA-BC Avita Health System, Case Management - Manager
“I’m so excited to get this started, and I appreciate your assistance in expediting your service.”
Ashley Luckett, BSN, RN Benson Area Medical Center
“Glady’s astute questions opened up the conversations about what  SpectraCorp had to offer related to VRI and OPI.  From there she worked with you to get HRMC the best possible rates and save us money.”

Gladys partnered with me and researched our account to learn all she could about our needs.  She was always helpful and considerate and followed through on every last detail to assure the best possible implementation and orientation/training for all staff who could attend.  Her responses to my emails and calls were timely and helpful.

I have nothing but confidence in my decision to continue to work with SpectraCorp.  Thank you for your support and for sending such a wonderful representative to enhance our language services.  It was truly a joy to meet Gladys and share a little South Dakota snow and cold with her while she was here!”

Rhonda Hanson, MS, SHRM-SCP Huron Regional Medical Center - Director of Human Resources
“Thank you for working with LRH to get us up and running with your VRI service – everyone loves it and appreciates the ease.”
Cynthia Martin Littleton Regional Healthcare
“I would like for you to know – we do appreciate you and your consistent efforts and reports greatly  – as always!!!!!”
Jane Corley - Director, International Patient Services And Office of Translation and Interpreting Services Center for Patients and Families University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


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